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Hello and welcome to my latest template called "Grapes".
"Grapes" is an Open Source web template which means it can be used without the need to ask permission and you have full rights to use and adapt its images. For more of my work, please see my website which can be found here.

I wanted to create a fairly simple yet attractive template which can be used for food or wine related websites, although it can easily be adapted for other uses too.

But is it easy to Use?

"Grapes" should be quite easy to use as I have added plenty of comments and tried to make the CSS as neat and organised as possible.

There are also plenty of styles for other tags, including:

Text using the code tag, this is ideal for showing code on a page.

acronym text

strong or bold text

em or italic text

This is a paragraph of normal text that contains span tags with a class set to special. This means all the big words in this paragraph are words that are placed between opening and closing span tags. These span tags can be used to add meaning to a block of text or to shout out when needed.

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